5 Reasons to Visit Dras in Jammu and Kashmir This Summer

Summer is here and as always, it has started leaving us exhausted by the end of every day. This is the time we start looking for cool getaways where we can enjoy some time away from the scorching sun. Mercifully, India has a bunch of places that are perfect to visit during summer for a respite from the heat. One such place is Dras in Jammu and Kashmir. (CHECK OUT 10 places in India where summer actually feels like winter) In case you have not heard about it or are aware of its existence but haven’t visited it yet, here are 5 reasons why you must visit Dras this summer.

Coldest Place in India

That’s not just a line to glorify Dras. It is a fact. Dras has recorded the coldest temperature in the country. In fact, Dras is the second coldest inhabited place on the planet after Oymyakon in Russia.

Dras is primarily a village and offers a simple yet magical experience to its visitors. It is not a place of luxury hotels or sky scrapers. It is rural beauty at its best.

Dras falls on the Srinagar-Leh route which means you can combine your trip to Dras with a tour of Ladakh. Ladakh is simply amazing during the summer months and if planned well, Dras and ladakh can be a memorable experience.

Kargil War Memorial

You may know of the Kargil War and how it was both a difficult and proud time for every Indian when our soldiers took back the infiltrated territory. Several soldiers lost their lives during the Kargil War. Dras is very close to the Kargil War Memorial which is perhaps the best place to pay your respects to those soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

Trek from Suru Valley

Dras is a 3-day trek from the Suru valley. If you like adventure and natural beauty, then this will be one of the most rewarding treks of your life.

So, if you are looking for a wonderfully offbeat destination that is perfect for a summer getaway, it doesn’t get better than Dras!